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On: Tuesday 31/7/2012 9:31

Baghdad / uncheck Uwaini
said an MP for the block free of the Sadrist movement Maha league that the government deprive Iraqis from taking dues, and take advantage of the supplementary budget for Ivadat and buy luxury furniture. adding league in a statement to the correspondent term in Parliament that "the Council of Ministers did not discuss the second paragraph of the general budget and which provided for the distribution of 25 percent of surplus oil revenues, but considered that this paragraph does not exist, despite approval of an absolute majority in parliament. "
Ruled out the league that is passed the budget in this way, asserting that "the Liberal bloc will not give up its demands fair distribution of surplus oil revenues, even if they were on the level of small sums."
The House of Representatives has completed the first reading of a bill supplementary budget of the federal public of the Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year 2012 submitted by the committees of financial, legal, economic and investment, which comes in order to ratify the supplementary budget for fiscal year 2012.
and deputies said that the supplementary budget sent by the government has allocated mostly to finance the influential parties in the country. The MP said the independent Sabah al-Saadi, "The failure of the government that it offers investment opportunities for state-building has become clear." He said Saadi correspondent term in the House of Representatives that "the government sent a supplementary budget to parliament, which was 10 billion dinars, 75 percent of them operational, saying that the money would go to parties influential in the country especially with the approaching elections."
Saadi said that "the government ignores the service and the provision of a decent life for citizens, "Mstdla that" the prime minister had not checked the exchange $ 37 billion on the ration card items without any improvement in its articles over the past years. "