(Political reform paper) .. Political blocs to see Atalpa ambition and skepticism and the other where you see a positive
Date: Monday 07/30/2012 19:39

Mutlaq: the reforms will be the alternative to withdraw confidence from the Maliki or interrogation Baghdad - Alaa al-Tamimi , despite the controversy wide wrought by paper reforms adopted by the National Alliance, it is still the subject of a tug of war between the political parties where Aattabrhaedo Alliance of Kurdistan "did not meet the ambition of" the political blocs and find opposition from political parties important, said coalition member nice Haji Hassan's (Citizen) "This paper emerged to solve the problems between the political parties but unfortunately were not level of ambition for these parties.", "The central government did not comply with its obligations and this led to an atmosphere of lack of confidence in this side . "explaining that" the Alliance of Kurdistan and the Iraqi List and the Liberal bloc question the ability of those who on paper of the National Reform on Tnnifz policies included in it. ", and pointed out that" mature this paper need to repair the differences between the political parties and a commitment to covenants and undertakings. ", stressing that" the political forces failed to reach any conclusion on this paper and still it's a mystery for us. ", in the meantime, member of state law, Abdul Hadi al-Hassani," The paper of reform can be a method to resolve differences between the blocks. "He's (Citizen)" This paper become ripe for implementation but requires intensive efforts to this aspect. ", explaining that" this paper is really just ideas elementary effectively, but it can be a method of political forces, as we said. ", and saw" the need to cling to this paper out of the crisis plaguing the country's . ", stressing" that the political movement in the country, the paper mentioned stand behind him where he was to hold meetings and dialogues between the political blocs and this led to the emergence of positive steps in this direction. "For his part, Deputy Prime Minister for Services Affairs Saleh al-Mutlaq said," In the event of political reforms it would be the alternative for the withdrawal of confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki or interrogation. " He noted that "there must be a real reform believed not to return to the problems after six months," pointing out that he "did not Tsaln paper reforms up to now," he said, adding, "I hear some of the paragraphs of the paper reform, but I did not see her or touch Mavera of paragraphs to now, "calling for" the need for real reform felt by the citizen and the political together. " In turn, called on the Secretary-General of the Liberal bloc Zia al-Asadi to conduct reforms, which he plans to the National Alliance to do, openly and according to a specific timetable, saying, "that" reform package to be held must be handled by experts, specialists and to be in the interest of Iraqis do not in the interest of politicians and their parties. " He added that "the reform package, to be held must be conducted under the eyes of the public, media, NGOs and civil society organizations, according to a specific timetable."