Classified according to the magazine "Foreign Policy" Foreign Policy "," U.S.
The magazine "Foreign Policy": Iraq progresses two grades in the classification of countries in the world's most failed
Ahmed Saadi / Shatt al-Arab - 30/07/2012 PM - 4:59 p.m.

Iraq is still one of the countries, which occupies the first ten ranks among the most failed, as compiled by the magazine "Foreign Policy" "foreign policy" and that the U.S. out of 177 countries in the world. Compared to the State of non-oil and a neighbor of his, such as Jordan, which was ranked 86 of the 177 countries covered in the report, the oil country such as Iraq and living conditions are not stable fully came rank 71 which is the opposite kind of inconsistencies in the vision and double standards from the viewpoint of a number of academics and Iraqi politicians. Of the total failure of most states there are 37 countries in danger, and, most notably the 10 countries ranked numerically from 1 to 10 are: Somalia, Chad, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo, Afghanistan, Iraq and the Central African Republic, Guinea and Pakistan. While Iraq was ranked seventh in 2010 a total of 107.3, and was ranked second in 2007 a ​​total of 111.4 degrees it offers under this category is ranked ninth, which keep it in the circle of countries that are at risk and failure together.
It was based on a set of international standards, notably democracy prevailing in the country, and cohesion of ethnic, cultural, and economic and educational level, and the extent of media freedom, human rights, protests and complaints by citizens of their living conditions, to other indicators. Has developed standards classification in which experts have relied on the news from 90 thousand source of private and government media and non-governmental or humanitarian organizations from 177 countries.