Parliamentary votes: the most important obstacles to the application of the customs tariff is the composite of corruption at border crossing points
Posted 30/07/2012 12:05 PM
BAGHDAD - "squares of liberation"

Rep. Joseph Tai, "The discussion of the customs tariff has been in a meeting with the Head of Customs Authority which relates to postpone the application of this law and the numbers of the second amendment bill of the customs tariff No. 22 of 2010."

He noted that "This law was discussed at the Council of Ministers for the purpose of postponed due to obstacles that may cause the failure of the application, pointing out that the most important obstacles is corruption compound at border crossing points and the presence of unqualified staff, lack of software and hardware that facilitates the work of customs in addition to the lack of control over some of the ports, especially ports of the Kurdistan region. "

Safwan horseshoe between Iraq and Kuwait

He said in a press statement today, "he was also discussion of economic and social impact and financial, should the application of the law now, and what may cause some of the caveats and future risks," stressing that "the head of the customs two years to request for the application of this law."