Washington threatens Baghdad: F16 for lifting embargo on Exxon Mobil

Sunday, 01 July 2012 10:53

Shafaq News / The Iraqi government revealed on Sunday that the United States is pressuring it strongly to lift the embargo on Exxon Mobil which is an American multinational oil and gas corporation and threatened not to provide them with the F16 aircrafts.
An informed source close to the government, who asked not to be named to the sensitivity of the information, told "Shafaq News", that "The United States is pressuring strongly on the Iraqi government to lift the ban on oil company Exxon Mobil."
"These pressures took many forms and reached to threats of not supplying Iraq with the F16 aircraft unless lifting the embargo on Exxon Mobil,” the source added.
“The Iraqi government will not lift the embargo on Exxon Mobil unless it finds a national necessity in it,” the source said.
The Ministry of Oil had excluded on 19 April 2012 Exxon Mobil from the licensing round which was held at the end of last May, without addressing the fate of its contract held in the West Qurna field.