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Expected to solve problems next month .. And welcomes the visit of Arbil, Kurdistan
BAGHDAD - Alaa al-Tai - Omar Abdel-Latif,
the National Alliance denied the existence of any differences between its components on the paper on reform, declaring that this week will see a round of talks is important. The MP said the National Alliance and a member of the Reform Committee Khalid al-Asadi in the statement to the "Centre Brief for the Iraqi Media Network": that "this week will see the start of a new round of dialogues with political parties."
said Asadi, "The Committee continues to the formation of the committees that will travel to conduct dialogues with the leaders of parties to Erbil, Najaf and the rest of the political parties. "
He also said al-Asadi to "he was actually the consultations conducted by the Commission with the political blocs were positive in general, and consistent with the reform project adopted by the National Alliance."
The National Alliance has formed a small committee to reach a overarching principles for reform after the meetings of the political blocs, where A member of the National Alliance Abbas al-Bayati, a member of the Reform Committee: "The committee will not neglect the Convention on the Arbil first or papers that came out of the social Erbil, Najaf," noting in a statement singled out by the (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network) "The committee will work on the extraction of the joint national of all these papers, making them among the priorities of the reform project that was initiated during this month."
and refuted Asadi news of the existence of differences within the components of the alliance on some of the items contained in the paper, saying: "It is not can be described differences, but there are perceptions on some points, and will not be a barrier or contribute to bend the Alliance for the implementation of the reform project. "
The leader of the Kurdistan Alliance, Mahmoud Othman has called the National Alliance to make serious efforts by the Committee Bargaining to contain the crisis and begin implementing the reforms.
He urged Osman also focus on the implementation mechanism for resolving outstanding issues between the center and the province and the government and the rest of the political parties.
also urged to "inform citizens on the content of the paper the reform prepared by the coalition to resolve the controversy about the lack of agreement of some components of the alliance on the part of those items," adding, "It Citizens have the right to see what is going on in those meetings and dialogues. "
and cross-Othman told the "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network", welcomed the leaders of the Kurdistan Alliance delegation, who plans to visit Erbil to hold dialogues to resolve the problems that led to the crisis, which was announced explicitly President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, who supported the reform project. "
declared leader of the National Alliance to reform paper prepared by the mass includes 70 items will be implemented in stages, according to the guarantees, as the MP said Shirwan Waeli for "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network" recently: "The National Alliance seeks to gain the consent of the partners in the political process, particularly the Kurdistan Alliance and the Iraqi List to complete the picture or the reform project. "
In turn, A member of a cluster of Mohammed Allkash that paper the reform is not a paper fixed.
said Allkash for "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network": that "the coalition National may form delegations to visit the leaders of the Kurds and the Iraqi List, to brief them on the content of this paper and listen to ideas to be put forward by the opposing party, "stressing that those parties if you have any additions to Amadon paper reform can be changed in order to serve everyone.
and Allkash that a significant portion of Convention on the Erbil had Ahtute paper this reform, on the grounds that coalition and Iraqi Kurds have a male in more than one occasion that the basis of any agreement currently is to apply the terms of Arbil.
He stressed that the mass of citizens have called the political parties more than once to sit at the negotiating table to resolve all the problems including the problems plaguing the executive, legislative and judicial branches.
He predicted that the witness next month to resolve this political crisis because of the signs of the good start for the political talks, calling for the need to be put a time limit to resolve the political problems that included a paper reform.
in turn, described the mass Liberal parliamentary that the ongoing political process in Iraq as "lame."
said the official spokesman for the bloc bright Nagy said in a statement singled out by the (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network): he saw that the political process, "lame" because a lot of bug where and who needs a real reform It is not a formality.
said Naji out that this process can not continue this way in light of limited state institutions and independent bodies, however, a single authority or block or party.
and I consider that the uniqueness of any party or party or block the institutions of the state "a serious indicator" to develop a kind of tyranny the future, He warned that he must be the political process mature and shared by everyone and feel where they are reassured to shift the new democratic, and he does not there exclusion or marginalization, as well as the need to respect the Constitution and rely on him, as it may not work, including exclusion.
He stressed that the political process need a lot of reforms, but there must have good intentions of the reforms and not be a formality.