On: Saturday 07/28/2012 9:58

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Denied yesterday that the Iraqi List, may be nominated new names to take over the defense portfolio, indicating that the talk of the existence of new candidates lacks precision. The deputies said that the Defense Department's share of the Convention on the list by Erbil. The political and media sources have revealed that the leaders of the Iraqi List, has coincided on the nomination of the Iraqi MP Talal Zobaie to the defense portfolio.

Under the agreement between the political blocs that called the National Alliance candidate for the Ministry of Interior and the coalition in Iraq another candidate for the Ministry of Defence.

Maliki during a given confidence late 2010 to work on naming ministers of the ministries that are managed by proxy within weeks, but that did not happen because of differences between the blocks on some of the names of candidates to fill the bags of the security ministries.

Hadi al-Zalmi spokesman for the National Accord Movement, affiliated to the Iraqi List for "Rn" that "Iraq did not nominate new names to the defense portfolio and put the names of new candidates lacks precision," noting that "MP Talal Zobaie accepted by the head of the list by Iyad Allawi But there has been no nomination again. " He Zalmi that "the Iraqi List, a group of names as candidates for the defense portfolio during the last period."

, The MP for the Iraqi List, Hamid Zobaie that the portfolio of the Ministry of Defense of the right of the Iraqi List, exclusively according to the contents of the agreement Erbil.

Zobaie said on Friday that "the Ministry of Defense of the right of the Iraqi List, and this is agreed by the leaders in Erbil agreement," adding that "this issue has not been decided and a half years ago and is still managed by proxy ministries."

"I would like to reassure MP Zuhair Araji that the portfolio of the Ministry of Defence will remain open until the next election as do the rest of the paragraphs of the Convention on Arbil, which remained stuck to this day," noting that "this is taken by the government which is visible to all."