Wael Abdul Latif al-Maliki questioned after Ramadan is a possibility but the political process in which the hidden "scary"
Dated: 7/26/2012 8:50:59 Thursday

Baghdad (news) .. He noted former deputy Wael Abdul Latif, the possibility to question the prime minister after the month of Ramadan, noting that there is something "hidden" in the political process and raises concern.

Abdul Latif said in a statement (of the Agency news): There is a calm before the storm to be "scary" once again be the means of the solution, noting that the parties which met in Erbil (Iraqi coalition, and a coalition of Kurdish blocs, and the Sadrists) withdrew from the practice for questioning the Prime Minister.

He added there are statements of the political blocs according to interrogate al-Maliki after the month of Ramadan, so something has declared and another hidden, and is not known which side will be achieved.

The former deputy to: that the crisis facing the country is not easy and appears to migrate as a series of differences and turn them into crisis rocking the authorities (legislative, executive and judicial).

And: that the Commission reforms proposed (75) paragraph in the paper reforms, suggesting that the political process in which many violations, noting that the cause of crises is making malicious and non-constitutional orientations are Azmat political scene.

Relations between the political blocs tension is exacerbated over time in light of the survival of the points of difference outstanding between them without a solution, and spin differences between politicians on the background of many of the topics most important of these threads the terms of the Erbil agreed political blocs, it was not implemented some of its clauses. : http://translate.google.com/translat...ww.ikhnews.com