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    7-26-2012 United Nations: The UNSC has extended the mandate of the UN mission in Iraq for another year and asked all communities there to participate in the country's political process. The resolution extended the mandate of the UNAMI, which expires on Saturday, to July 31, 2013. In a unanimously adopted resolution, the 15-member body encouraged the Iraqi government to continue strengthening democracy and the rule of law, improving security and public order and combating terrorism and sectarian violence across the country. The UNSC voiced its support to the people and the government of Iraq in their efforts to build a secure, stable, federal, united and democratic nation based on the rule of law and respect for human rights. The Council recognised recent positive developments in Iraqi-Kuwait bilateral relations. It also called on both states to continue to act in a spirit that builds further confidence and cooperation, which should contribute to the strengthening of their good-neighbourly relations and enhancing regional stability."

    7-26-2012 Reform Project: Positive meeting between Maliki, Mutlaq and Barzani briefed on the reform project. The Deputy Prime Minister Mutlaq said his meeting with Prime Minister Maliki as "friendly" and "positive", briefed the President of Kurdistan, Barzani, the reform project. Mutlaq said: "The meeting dealt with the situation and the tense political climate, whether internal or on the issues surrounding Iraq because of the crises experienced by the region and the gravity of Iraq. The meeting stressed the need to overcome all differences and to go one project to preserve the unity of Iraq," adding,"We believe that any move towards dialogue and consensus and to reach a common vision for the management of the country, it is positive."

    7-26-2012 National Economy: Support for small and medium enterprises is essential to strengthening the national economy. The President of the Iraqi industrial assembly ABDUL-Shammari, the need to support industrial projects of small and medium because it provides the basis of the national economy and development. The interest of local industries, small and medium enterprises is very necessary to strengthen the national economy. The country would avoid activating the impact of any possible economic crisis in the region.

    7-26-2012 Economic Analyst: To raise the ceiling to the instruments of private banks (25) million dinars a good decision after it was neglect hangs over private banks.The decision of the Economic Commission, promises to step to the success of the private banking sector. This step procedure successful at developing the work of private banks and support in order to enhance the confidence of customers the mechanics work and facilitate financial transactions, is also the result of the interaction of the Economic Commission with the various sectors of the country's economic, as well as its understanding of the reality of the Iraqi market and the requirements of its development, after it was negligence looms the work of the sector of private banks operating in the country. Economic Commission to provide support that is supportive of domestic banks by the Central Bank of Iraq and the adoption of important research legislation legal governing the work of private banks to direct its activities towards the process of economic and social development instead of "dwarfing" events, especially since the country needs to step up efforts for construction, reconstruction.

    7-26-212 Liberal Bloc: Announced its refusal to vote on the supplementary budget, as it will impact negatively on the surplus of oil imports to the Iraqi people. Bahaa said that his bloc will not vote to approve the supplementary budget because it will negatively impact on the distribution of the paragraph on the part of the surplus oil imports to the Iraqi people. Many of the ministries did not act according to their budgets contexts in force, and thus there will be scrutiny of all the funds allocated did not invest. The Liberal bloc will not vote to approve the supplementary budget provided by the Government to the House of Representatives, because it will negatively affect even eliminate the paragraph that Oqrenaha a distribution of 25% of the surplus oil imports to the Iraqi people.
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