BAGHDAD / JD / .. expect delays in the Iraqi Central Bank put the new currency early next year and in the presence of the developments and discussions with the government.
It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki called for earlier in the bank to wait with the currency of the currency switch and put it in the first of January 2013.
". The governor of the central bank's Shabibi / JD /: The "Ask a currency early next year is uncertain because of the recent discussions and negotiations with the government."
He Shabibi "It would be great in the process of cooperation with the government."
. He noted the central bank governor to be an ongoing process of switching the currency, and dates to put the previous developments but may remain behind.
The bank had said earlier in the L / JD /: "The new currency will be put 1/1/2013 in spite of the demands put forward by the government to slow down the process."
The face of the bank's official letter to the Council of Ministers explaining the advantages of switching the currency on the market and the money supply and increase the exchange rate and other issues