8:00 PM [kaperoni] but the UST is not a currency trader
8:00 PM [tampadinar] kaperoni but not "most"?
8:00 PM [faithdinar] kaperoni did you feel last year at this time the same as you do now that things are imminent? Year b4 that as well? What you are saying makes sense and things sound great but they always have sounded great.
8:00 PM [kaperoni] therefore, there needs to be a market maker for the dinar who creates the opportunities for these central banks to hold the dinar as a reserve currency
8:00 PM [mimi22497] so are you anticipating that if we bring dinar to a bank, they would be sending it away to be "cleared" before we would get cash deposited? Am I understanding that correctly?
8:01 PM [kaperoni] faith lol...well this is a bit of a cr*pshoot
8:01 PM [yada] kaperoni \
8:02 PM [yada] we will be paid all the same
8:02 PM [kaperoni] mimi it could go two ways...1. they do as you say. or 2. they simply say they are not cashing dinar
8:02 PM [mimi22497] ok - thanks
8:02 PM [CoolSpot] kaperoni If the banks cashed out thorugh a seperate unit that would offer other services this would keep a tighter control in the area of security, than if dealers cashed out.
8:02 PM [yada] with milliions of new assets,,they will find a way
8:02 PM [tsm] kaperoni : What about all those who have already cashed in?.....
8:02 PM [lln65] kaperoni CAN we TRUST this CBI plan?
8:02 PM [kaperoni] tsm
8:02 PM [satrib] actually could be better this way....we wouldn't have to deal with a bank we don't necessarily want to deal with as far as an acct, etc
8:03 PM [kaperoni] lln, yes
-8:03 PM [kaperoni] here is a bit of news...to go with the plan
8:03 PM [lln65] kaperoni okay thats all I wanna know
8:03 PM [lln65] kaperoni ty
8:03 PM [kaperoni] if this happens as i said, the CBI will price the dinar
8:03 PM [tampadinar] so will there be many CBIs around the world that would participate?
8:03 PM [kaperoni] in essence it will be a managed float
- 8:04 PM [kaperoni] tampa all central banks can buy the dinar once it is available in this fund as I understand it
8:04 PM [tampadinar] interesting
8:04 PM [kaperoni] so this plan will raise the value of the dinar up
8:04 PM [kaperoni] i dont know how fast
8:04 PM [yada] money, money,,mo money,,
8:04 PM [tampadinar] but you still feel it should come out near $1
8:04 PM [kaperoni] but certainly that is good news for those who might hold some
8:05 PM [satrib] seems to me it would keep banks from charging ridiculous fees ?
8:05 PM [kaperoni] tampa yes
8:05 PM [CoolSpot] kaperoni seems that CBI would have established agents in various countries around the world. Some of those agents could be bankers. That way CBI controls the price of the dinar.
8:05 PM [kaperoni] cool, exactly
8:05 PM [kaperoni] the CBI will maintain price control
8:05 PM [faithdinar] kaperoni will it happen this year based on you research?
8:05 PM [kaperoni] and can price it based on demand of these banks
8:06 PM [kaperoni] yes
8:06 PM [kaperoni] faith
8:06 PM [CoolSpot] kaperoni Got it
8:06 PM [yada] CoolSpot those agents have to get past security checks,,,,around the world,,,lo
8:06 PM [yada]
8:06 PM [tampadinar] will the dinar eventually get back to Iraq or do all CBIs just coordinate their holdings with each other
8:06 PM [kaperoni] tampa, dont think so
8:06 PM [kaperoni] foreign currency reserves
8:06 PM [kaperoni] holding a strong dinar will help these countries
8:06 PM [CoolSpot] yada for sure
8:07 PM [kaperoni] and in doing so, the CBI never really has to pay for the dinar out of country
8:07 PM [tampadinar] sure puta a different spin on how the dinar turns
8:07 PM [faithdinar] kaperoni the internet has exposed many of the dinar chat sites and people behind them as frauds. Which are the legit chat sites? (only this one?)
8:07 PM [kaperoni] i did a chat about 10 months ago
8:07 PM [kaperoni] called...Where u dinar will go...
8:08 PM [tampadinar]
8:08 PM [kaperoni] in which i explained the desire of the CBI to make the dinar a reserve currency
8:08 PM [satrib] hmmmm....would seem also then, that these locations would be prepared to process our cashout right away then since that will be their sole purpose?
8:08 PM [tampadinar] yup i remember that
8:08 PM [kaperoni] sat, i was told they have been working on this plan for 11 months
8:08 PM [kaperoni] so they are or will be ready
8:09 PM [tampadinar] so you did just say you think this year?
8:09 PM [kaperoni] that is another good question tampa
8:09 PM [kaperoni] if i may, i will expand on that
8:09 PM [kaperoni] my time limit may be up
8:09 PM [kaperoni] miln ok?
8:09 PM [faithdinar] kaperoni the internet has exposed many of the dinar chat sites and people behind them as frauds. Which are the legit chat sites? (only this one?)
8:09 PM [tampadinar] no time limit
8:09 PM [kaperoni] ok
8:09 PM [milndollarbabe] kaperoni keep going
8:10 PM [kaperoni] k
8:10 PM [kaperoni] shabs has a responsibility to each bank in Iraq
8:10 PM [kaperoni] to help them build a customer base
8:10 PM [kaperoni] and be successfull
8:10 PM [kaperoni] so
8:10 PM [chattels] kaperoni there is no time limit on intelligent speech
8:10 PM [kaperoni] that being said...
8:11 PM [kaperoni] simply changing the rate one day, and putting out new currency another does nothing for the banks
8:11 PM [kaperoni] in fact, many Iraqis would simply stockpile new dinar in pillows, matresses, etc
8:11 PM [kaperoni] so, IMO
8:11 PM [kaperoni] I fell Shabs will change the rate several months before any new currency comes out
8:11 PM [kaperoni] at the 1 to $1
8:12 PM [kaperoni] or about
8:12 PM [kaperoni] rate
8:12 PM [kaperoni] it was called in an article as a "Staging rate"
8:12 PM [kaperoni] and i think that is a perfect name for it
8:12 PM [kaperoni] what that does is...
8:12 PM [kaperoni] creates a steady flow of Iraqis to banks in iraq
8:13 PM [kaperoni] and as you have all ready I am sure...
8:13 PM [kaperoni] the CBI came out and said...the old dinar must go to banks only
8:13 PM [kaperoni] merchants will not take 3 zero dinar
8:13 PM [kaperoni] so that creates bank accounts
8:13 PM [kaperoni] cash cards
8:13 PM [kaperoni] etc.
8:14 PM [tampadinar] sounds like a good plan
8:14 PM [kaperoni] in other words this event will create a banking environment
8:14 PM [kaperoni] for the Iraqi people
8:14 PM [kaperoni] yes
8:14 PM [kaperoni] Then
8:14 PM [kaperoni] once he is ready
8:14 PM [kaperoni] Shabibi can introduce smaller denominations
8:14 PM [kaperoni] and raise the rate
8:14 PM [kaperoni] to begin de-dollarizing
8:15 PM [faithdinar] kaperoni brilliant stuff.
8:15 PM [kaperoni] or removing dollars for the new dinar
8:15 PM [kaperoni]
8:15 PM [kaperoni] yes
8:15 PM [kaperoni] so Sept -Oct -Nov could be the months he starts this
8:15 PM [kaperoni] IMO
8:15 PM [tampadinar] you make way too much sense to be a dinarian
8:15 PM [kaperoni] if he is looking for Jan 1
8:15 PM [kaperoni] lmbo
8:15 PM [kaperoni] i have a great team working behind me
8:16 PM [lln65] kaperoni what should we do then cash out a small amount first?
-- 8:16 PM [kaperoni] lln, that is up to u
8:16 PM [faithdinar] kaperoni So no way in July or August huh? No ASN or ADN?
8:16 PM [kaperoni] and your financial situation
8:16 PM [lln65] kaperoni okay so what you gonna do?
8:16 PM [kaperoni] faith, i cannot confirm this yet...
8:17 PM [faithdinar] kaperoni no comment on my internet comment about fraud?
8:17 PM [kaperoni] but i was told the contract between the CBI and the co. to validate and authenticate the dinar will not be signed
8:17 PM [kaperoni] until Sept 15th
8:17 PM [kaperoni] i do not see a rv before that date.
8:17 PM [God's grace] kaperoni will this help O in his re election?
8:17 PM [kaperoni] but i hope i am wrong
8:17 PM [chattels] kaperoni do you have any idea that the high foreign currency auction volumme over the last 7 days indicates that the cbi is collecting dinar in country ?
8:17 PM [tampadinar] i hope your right,
8:17 PM [yada] to me,,sounds like the "The Dong Show" will air
8:17 PM [gypsy vardo] kap What is the source of this info? Your deduction of the events up to now or do you have some inside insight?
8:18 PM [tampadinar] about all of this
8:18 PM [faithdinar] God's grace too late to help The President. Not enough time to have impact.
8:18 PM [CoolSpot] kaperoni not only create a banking environment for the Iraq people, but open up an avenue to address personal and corporate tax of Iraq citizens
8:18 PM [kaperoni] faith i missed ur internet fraud q
8:18 PM [faithdinar] kaperoni the internet has exposed many of the dinar chat sites and people behind them as frauds. Which are the legit chat sites? (only this one?)
8:19 PM [kaperoni] chattels, IMO they are still collecting 3 zero dinar
8:19 PM [God's grace] thanks
8:19 PM [kaperoni] gypsy, my sources are many from news articles, to marines and businessmen
8:19 PM [kaperoni] cool, yess u are right on!
8:20 PM [mimi22497] Do you have any insight into where the VND is at now??
8:20 PM [kaperoni] faith, i started in dinar 5 years ago to debunk all the BS
8:20 PM [kaperoni] its been a battle
8:20 PM [God's grace] so it comes out at 1.00 we cash in sm amount and wait till it increases
8:20 PM [tampadinar] faithdinar I believe the sites that have exposed so called fraud are not any more reliable than most of the other sites.
8:20 PM [kaperoni] i have written hundreds of chats
8:20 PM [kaperoni] from WTO
8:20 PM [kaperoni] to smart cards
8:20 PM [kaperoni] to symposiums
8:20 PM [kaperoni] and ISX
8:20 PM [kaperoni]
8:21 PM [gypsy vardo] kap This a bit of a whole new wrinkle. No one else has put this out. I have a lot of respect for you. But this is a bit of a whiplash of direction, don't you think?
8:21 PM [sully] contract between CBI and co. needs to be signed for validation of IQD. Who is co. and won't the Delerue count and validate
8:21 PM [faithdinar] tampadinar they have some very detailed and factual stuff vs the many sites that are all Hype and fluff. No comparison.
8:21 PM [kaperoni] gypsy it is...but i want to remind everyone...this does not effect cashout..there is a plan for us.
8:22 PM [sully] kaperoni contract between CBI and co. needs to be signed for validation of IQD. Who is co. and won't the Delerue count and validate
8:22 PM [kaperoni] gypsy the reason nobody ever put this out before, is that nobody ever thought about how the dinar gets from (us) to the Central Banks.
8:23 PM [ONEDOWN] kaperoni central banks swamp money among themselves all the time
8:23 PM [kaperoni] Delerue equipment i am sure is used yes.
8:23 PM [yada] Not to change the subject but BGG,,you hv your work cut out for you on the Chat tonight,,,
8:23 PM [steamcleaner] calgon.......take me away!!!
8:24 PM [kaperoni] i just hope i explained it well
8:24 PM [yada] steamcleaner
8:24 PM [Baxter1243] are they ever going to activate the smart cards?..wont that open the budget?
8:24 PM [kaperoni] if not, i will get calls all night
8:24 PM [tampadinar] kaperoni very interesting chat thanks so much
8:24 PM [gypsy vardo] kap We have been told repeatedly that dinar is kept stateside, perhaps used between other countries and after a long time eventually gets repatriated. Does this help or wreck the M2 problem for Iraq's currency valuation?
8:24 PM [sully] (kaperoni) but i was told the contract between the CBI and the co. to validate and authenticate the dinar will not be signed. Who is co.?
8:25 PM [gypsy vardo] Mods, can you guys capture this into a separate forum subject?
8:26 PM [gypsy vardo] I think a lot of us would like to study and think about this.
8:26 PM [Rich] kaperoni I just came in so can I ask the big question: Will we little people be able to cash in our Dinars?
8:26 PM [rlsunsfan] I tried to scroll up but u were too fast
8:26 PM [kaperoni] rich yes
8:26 PM [Rich] kaperoni Thanks.
8:26 PM [chattels] gypsy vardo i have it copied separately for an email
8:27 PM [kaperoni] gypsy, this plan is the only way it can work to account for as much as 10 trillion dinar
8:27 PM [gypsy vardo] chattels email??
8:27 PM [faithdinar] Heading to din din. Thank you kaperoni for a great chat session. Interesting stuff.
8:27 PM [tampadinar] This slant on things answers so many of the logistic questions of the cash in.
8:27 PM [kaperoni] just know i spent 5 years of my life researching this
8:27 PM [chattels] gypsy vardo i can get you a copy is whati am saying
8:28 PM [kaperoni] to provide facts
8:28 PM [gypsy vardo] chattels TY. Would you please?
8:28 PM [kaperoni] and I am very hopeful that this is accurate and we will be taken care of
8:28 PM [tampadinar] kaperoni well you are appreciated, thank you
8:28 PM [milndollarbabe] kaperoni thanks for the surprise visit...glad you came by and clarified your thoughts!
8:28 PM [chattels] kaperoni you are a good man no matter how it ends friend
8:29 PM [gypsy vardo] kaperoni How do your other partners and research assistants feel about this idea?
8:29 PM [Rich] kaperoni Thansk for your year of efford, I have been a member of your own site but found I was not able to handle the truth all of the time..too depressing...
8:29 PM [kaperoni] well miln, u are very welcome. as you know i am a huge fan of yours.
8:29 PM [Rich] kaperoni Thanks ...years
8:30 PM [milndollarbabe] kaperoni awww shucks!
8:30 PM [kaperoni] miln, there is a new Donnie Diamond video out!
8:30 PM [kaperoni] if your interested
8:30 PM [milndollarbabe] kaperoni oh no you di'nt!!!!!!!
8:30 PM [milndollarbabe] lmbooooooo
8:30 PM [kaperoni] lmbo
8:30 PM [faithdinar] kaperoni I like balance and not hype. You are fit that bill perfectly. Even if it does not cause me to by all hyped up. Better than the downers.
8:31 PM [kaperoni] alright. take care all.
8:31 PM [kaperoni] see ya later.
8:31 PM [milndollarbabe] kaperoni thanks so much...great chat!
8:31 PM [onedcharette] i came in late... is there a link to the chat yet?
8:32 PM [gypsy vardo] ditto