12:36:23 / 07/2012

Khandan - A source in the National Alliance on condition of anonymity for the existence of differences within the coalition about the candidate and the Interior Ministry, which is the share of the alliance, the source said in a statement to the newspaper "Life" that «the Sadrist movement, refuse to accept a candidate State of Law bloc, Adnan al-Asadi of the Ministry of the Interior, who runs Now in practice the position of the ministry senior agent.

The source pointed out that «the power to refuse to receive any internal filter bag from the Dawa party and calls for the nomination of independent figures for the job».
He explained that «the differences within the coalition to nominate a candidate on the interior that took place after the formation of the government in 2010 returned to the forefront these days."

For its part, considered the block «Iraq» that calls for the National Alliance to resolve the candidates of the security ministries is not serious, and spokeswoman for the bloc MP Maysoon al told «life» that «the news that reported the structure of the Prime Minister to resolve the security ministries vacant heard from the media did not receive any request for candidates renewed for the job. "

They pointed out that «Iraq hit many hope Boukibat result of an attempt to limit its role in its candidate for the post of defense minister because of the feet of the Prime Minister to reject the dozens of candidates since the formation of the Iraqi government and even now."
She explained that «the masses of Iraq and the Kurdistan Alliance and the Sadrists have not received any formal request on the reforms of the alliance, which wants to hold an expanded meeting of the political blocs, which was rejected by everyone and calls for an initial implementation of the reforms as a goodwill gesture."

According to leaks about the intention of the nomination of Deputy Prime Minister on the mass of Alaracahtalal Zobaie to the defense portfolio, compared to the nomination of Adnan al-Asadi of the inner bag. http://translate.google.com/translat...4454%26Jor%3D2