National Alliance calls for Iraqi Kurdistan and to abandon the idea of ​​a final withdrawal of confidence from Maliki : 02:30:24 / 07/2012

One of the meetings of the National Alliance
Khandan - called the National Alliance, the Kurdistan Alliance and the Iraqi List, to abandon the «final» the idea of ​​withdrawal of confidence from Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and sit at the negotiating table to discuss the reform paper, as called for Iraq's international guarantees before agreeing to the proposed reforms.

A member of the National Alliance »Mansour al-Tamimi, told« life »that« start a dialogue with parliamentary blocs on the reform paper prepared by the National Alliance and set a date soon for talks following the submission of the political parties proposals and addenda, is the perfect solution to end the crisis because the subject of withdrawal of confidence has all but ».

He added that «the blocks that you want to question the prime minister no longer has enough votes to depose him, and therefore should abandon this idea completely because it is the process of responding to initiative dialogue initiated by the National Alliance».

He said Tamimi, that «National Alliance showed complete flexibility must be the political blocs to succeed in this project, that we move the reforms and I think that everyone wants to reform the Iraqi List, but there are still insisting on the withdrawal of confidence from the Prime Minister».

Furthermore, a student member of the coalition in Iraq Nabil Hrbo, with international guarantees for dialogue with the National Alliance in the implementation of political reform paper.

He noted that the list «ready for dialogue with the National Alliance, a coalition of state law, especially where there are international guarantees from the United Nations or America or Iran and Turkey, to implement the reform paper prepared by the national».

Furthermore, he stressed the head of the parliamentary coalition of the center were part of the Iraqi List, Iyad al-Samarrai that «the political crisis entered a phase of calm, especially after the meetings of the National Alliance and paper reforms and stop escalation Media», stressing that «the need to work hard to bring the reform into effect».