Central bank: the high price of the dollar during the next two weeks

Created on Monday, July 23 / ​​يوليو 2012 11:00 | |

Baghdad / Orr News
Central Bank of Iraq predicted rise in the dollar exchange rates of monetary transactions over the next two weeks. The central bank adviser said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that the exchange rate of U.S. dollar will rise relative in cash transactions and financial markets in Baghdad and the provinces during the coming period, but gradually no reason to fear or to take preventive measures because of the existing reserves tremendous amount of hard currency to the Central Bank auction.
He pointed out that the benefit will rise to the causes for the increased demand and drag on the dollar in the markets of traders and importers of food products who need foreign currency for the disposal of their goods and the completion of their operations.
The Chancellor said the central bank will provide the government banks and banking companies and private banks that deal with the bank exclusively for their holidays to work with the Bank's monetary value of $ 300 million a day business operations only that these banks and banking companies process the mediator between the bank and the customer who accepts the purchase of hard currency. Indicating that the central bank calculates the commission for these banks and companies about 10% of their dealings is not cash for each sale of the dollar.