Monday July 23, 2012
Iqbal calls for the need to discuss the security file in the parliamentary session tomorrow

Agencies - called member of the Iraqi Mohammed Iqbal to discuss the security file in the meeting of the House of Representatives on Tuesday, stressing the need to call and question those responsible.
Iqbal said in a statement distributed on Monday received the news agency public opinion (and babysit) a copy of it: "The security breaches today stark evidence of the failure of security plans pursued by the government."

He added that the occurrence of such a number of bombings in one day at a time simultaneously sends a message that those behind them to move freely and organize accurate. "Expressing his belief that all the news that talk about the achievements and security plans are not only the achievements of information and plans miserable did not touch of which the citizen only queues at checkpoints that have increased their suffering without tangible result.