Iraq is seeking to legislate law to prevent the intervention of the leaders of blocs, the security file

Sun, July 22 / يوليو 2012 09:31 |

Baghdad / Orr News
A source in the Iraqi List, said the list is seeking to enact a law in the House of Representatives is required for the dimensions of the security establishment of political parties.
The source, who declined to be named, said that "there is mobility within the Iraqi List is currently collecting signatures parliamentary To the dimensions of the security establishment for the political leadership through the enactment of the House of Representatives to prevent the intervention of security forces in politics or vice versa," adding that "the institution security goal to maintain the security of the country's internal and external so you must be independent and have no relationship approaching partisan, political or sectarian. "
The source of Deputies, "This law requires that security chiefs and officers and associates of independent and non-belonging to a particular party," noting that "the purpose of this law to prevent the intervention of leaders of political blocs from interfering with the file security by directing security chiefs. Affiliated to their parties ".

"My Opinion"
This is saying that they are in favor of having a law that separates the security file from the political blocs, like we have in church and stae... And could be our hold up in seeing the New Security Minister...