Maliki is to host the House of Representatives after Ramadan
Created on Sun, July 22 / يوليو 2012 09:34 | |

Baghdad / Orr NewsSources informed political, that the call for political reform as a substitute for the withdrawal of confidence from Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, will not be prevented from hosting the last in the House of Representatives to inquire about the things that led to the failure of the government in the files that have led to demand the withdrawal of confidence with him, especially as the latter had said in TV interview that he had sent a request to the House of Representatives for hosting to explain the things that led to the violation of the Constitution by some quarters.The sources pointed out that the hosting will be the alternative for interrogation, which is still based Coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan demanding it, as withdrew the Sadrist movement of his quest for this requirement. The sources pointed out that hosting the Prime Minister will be after the month of Ramadan, in the case of House of Representatives approved the request of the hosting.