Jaafari, Allawi to meet project attached interrogation and gives life to idea of holding a national meeting

Haider Ali Jawad - 22/07/2012 PM

Coming in bilateral meetings, led by Ibrahim al-Jaafari, head of the National Alliance to reach a formula to resolve the current political crisis, most recently for his meeting with the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi, which was welcomed by the other various factions.

While considered a coalition of state law that will help moisten the political climate between the blocks, said the Iraqi List, has become convinced of the reform than ever before.

At a time when I came back the Iraqi List, the meeting point articulated in the political process, and start to solve the crisis, hoped to lead to a similar meeting between the leader and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, confirmed the end of the subject of withdrawal of confidence and interrogations.

While praising the Sadrist movement interaction with the rule of law reform paper, confirmed its representation in the Reform Commission and not withdrawing them, as long as the conditions specify limits of time to implement reforms, and the commitment for all.

The Kurdistan Alliance, praised those meetings, hinted that the return of President Jalal Talabani of the trip may be the start of treatment to resolve the crisis and the National Conference, ruling out a return to the subject of withdrawal of confidence, or to question the prime minister.

In an interview with "The World" on Saturday, praised Haitham Jubouri MP for the State of Law coalition, began meeting bilaterally between the President of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, the Iraqi leader Iyad Allawi, saying it "will contribute to improve the atmosphere of political and will happen almost in views, especially if Mr. Jaafari has taken it upon himself to contact the rest of the actors to convey the idea of a project of political reform, and to try to persuade them to participate in it, because this project can not be achieved only with the participation of everyone, and that the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance, major responsibilities, and must each block to take the role in order to achieve the reform desired " .

The Jubouri that "a lot of voices shouted in Iraq, toward acceptance of reform, and as its order, however, President Iyad Allawi, Vbagtnall idea and project of reform, we believe that we can adopt the idea and achieve success in it," pointing out that "if did not contain a project of political reform on the mechanisms binding and specific dates, it will be meaningless, so it is not only the responsibility of the National Alliance, and grew a large part of them lying on the Coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan, and is also interested in the Constitution's commitment to the other blocs, such as the Kurdistan Regional Government, as well as the Presidency of the Council of Representatives. "

He pointed out that "the Sadrist movement would not withdraw from the Commission, as all the ideas posed by the present and included in the paper of reform," adding that "the end of this month will end the extension granted by the House of Representatives of the UN High Commission for the elections, and therefore we will enter in a legal vacuum, and if we extension again, how many are extending, so there is a need to expedite the formation of the Commission and the adoption of the electoral law of the proximity of time, until the Commission can pursue the new time and create the necessary preparations. "

The Nahida Daini MP for the Iraqi List, Vaattabrt part, to meet with al-Jaafari Allawi "from important meetings, a point articulated in changing the political process, and the beginning of the end of the crisis in the coming days and during the past few days started to statements by Iraqi leaders, especially Saleh al-Mutlaq with deputies of Iraq's lack of possibility of withdrawing confidence from the al-Maliki, and to meet with al-Jaafari, Allawi today, it may be the beginning of the meeting with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and this is what we wish, because Mr. Jaafari is the head of the National Alliance and oversees the file reforms, and we are waiting now to announce that the Commission reforms for its decisions to parliament. "

She added that "go the delegation of the National Alliance to Kurdistan and meetings Jaafari, Allawi and Maliki's visit to Najafi, and the position of the Sadrist movement as an intermediary between the parties, the whole thus lead to a positive atmosphere, and we now expect the end of the request to withdraw confidence from the government, as well as interrogation, we do not expect to be There are questioning, but expect side meetings and discussions aimed at resolving the crisis, "unexpected" During the next few days will end the interrogation and ordered a final withdrawal of confidence, to be replaced by dialogue and meeting. "

In addition, said Riaz Zaidi, deputy of the Sadr movement, said that "al-Jaafari is the head of the National Alliance, and has a clear vision of what is going on in the Iraqi arena and was present in a lot of events and treatments, and may be for him to meet Allawi a good start to resolve the political crisis, and may be for some conditions or demands of the Iraqi List, and we are not feeling the Liberal bloc of bilateral meetings and meetings, but we see something positive. "

He favored Zaidi in his interview with "the world" yesterday, that "the current crisis, would accrue to the solution in the light of the considerable work being done by the National Alliance, as the Reform Commission Sthaor Alliance of Kurdistan and the Iraqi List, and there was a clarification of the demands of each block, including that such Commission with broad powers, and whose decisions are binding and have a timeframe for the application, and to address the current issues of existing, and then the sequence of events, and in case Disclaimer others, especially the rule of law on the implementation of these demands, it will be to block the free talk time, may lead to withdraw from the Commission, "adding that" talking about our withdrawal at the moment is right, but our condition that there will be a real and binding decisions, and not a dead letter. "

And praised the "understanding and response of state law, to have the committee effective, and the attitude of Barzani, who does not preclude negotiation and dialogue and sit with the delegation that will visit Erbil," noting that "there is some debate in the House of Representatives for a general amnesty and legal elections and the provinces, as the right of the National Alliance claim blocks located in or parties to dissolve their differences, and accelerate the completion of important laws. "

In turn, said Hassan Jihad, Kurdistan Alliance MP, said that "the past few weeks have seen side meetings between the President of the National Alliance Jaafari with officials of the Kurdistan Alliance Fouad Masum and Rose Nuri Shaways, and had a meeting with Nujaifi Yesterday (I) and with Allawi, and that these meetings preliminary to prepare for meetings of a wider, where in the coming days will be other meetings to discuss all matters relating to, in addition to the reform project and the National Conference. "

He added jihad in Hath with "the world" yesterday, that "With the return of President of the Republic from traveling there will be an atmosphere to hold a national conference on the road to resolving the crisis," asserting that "the proposed reform will take its course if it is satisfied the blocks as meaningful and comprehensive, so it will go the political blocs to him without going to the interrogation, in practice since everyone knows the difficulty of conducting the interrogation, and the withdrawal of confidence, so we must be practical, despite the fact that the motion exists even today, but go the path of reform will have positive results in the coming days. "

He added that "all calls to speed up the identification of the new Commission for the elections, and voting upon, as the majority demands to hold elections on schedule, but in practice, and when entering the meeting, Will all of Representatives committed to these things and vote on the new Commission .. This something else we are in Iraq to see that all the political maturity does not pass easily, and that all things are complicated and require more time, unfortunately. "