Ja'afari and wise discuss political developments and the role of the National Alliance in resolving outstanding problems
Sunday, 22 July 2012 04: 26

The Iraqi National Alliance President Ibrahim Al-Jafari, head of the Supreme Islamic Council Mr. Ammar wise on a National Alliance.
The coalition said in a statement that al-Hakim met late Saturday and his entourage at his Office in Baghdad
It added that he had "discussed political developments and emphasized the Iraqi National Alliance unit and its role in resolving the outstanding problems and perceptions needed to keep a track of the political process and to intensify efforts with the participation of all national political forces and parties lhalhalh the crisis.
It was Al-Jaafari met during the period that followed the Declaration on 7 July paper reforms with representatives of the political blocs to present and discuss implementation of the paper.

According to data released by the Alliance has held meetings with a number of leaders of the Iraqi list led by Iyad Allawi, head of the list and the speaker of the House leadership on Iraq and head of Osama in the House of Salman Al-jumaili and Minister of finance in the Iraqi list Uploader Al-Issawi.

He met twice with Deputy Prime Minister and the leading Rosh Nuri Shaways Kurdistan Alliance and met with the leader of the Kurdistan Alliance Fouad Massoum and a delegation from the construction Jihad led by the movement's Secretary-General Hassan lata.

The Chairman of the Committee on political reforms the National Alliance President Ibrahim Al-Jafari said on 7 July current government reform paper is complete and the political process in a statement called for a three-point all parties participating in the political process to deal with the initiative of dialogue on the basis of alalnzam the Constitution and reform of State institutions.

The Coalition also called in a statement by the Commission on reforms to discuss with allied parties to discuss outstanding files and take quick steps for resolution in accordance with the agreed time limits, "he said, adding that" on the basis of adherence to the Constitution and agreements which do not conflict with him and confirmed the Alliance for good faith willingness to abide by the truce and not launch media accusations "/finished