Iraqi Deputy for criticizing the "neutral" Talabani and says it "to be overlooked"
21/07/2012 13:48

Erbil, July 21 (Rn) - member bloc criticized the dialogue, the Sabbath what it called the "neutral" President Jalal Talabani to the current political crisis, indicating that the president's call for a national conference took a long time. According to a statement.

The statement quoted the MP for the coalition in Iraq to meet Mehdi Pink as saying today that "invite the President of the Republic National Convention took a lot of time and initiatives, it is also one way to gain time and postpone controversial issues, noting that the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance already taken place Basha another, a question the prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

She added that "the President of the Republic wanted to be neutral on the current political crisis, but neutrality does not serve, and he must not remain spectators of the political situation and settled with his hand to withdraw confidence from the Maliki or with reform."

The current policy, the crisis continues, after efforts to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister Maliki, his critics for moving to the option of questioning in the House of Representatives after he refused to President Jalal Talabani signed the request to withdraw confidence.