Iraqi writer: Najafi defeat al-Maliki signed by questioning the expected
2012-07-21 16:46:08

BAGHDAD (Iba) .. Aaron said the Iraqi writer Mohamed said House Speaker Osama al regained its health and vitality revived in the siege of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who did not leave a way only and used it to escape from a confrontation that waiting a few days.

He said Muhammad in an article published under the title (Najafi defeat al-Maliki before a signed interrogation expected) and pause Najafi bold and his insistence on questioning the prime minister and his trial, a move accompanied him and which are in his favor may forgive him for lapses earlier in dealing flexible with that Maliki's lapses interpreted the latter as a fear of authority Fearful of his influence. (in the words of the article)

He added that the House of Representatives boss Najafi and its members of parliament loyal to their constituents at least demands a more active oversight role adding that even if Maliki managed to escape did not withdraw from it, the confidence just standing on the platform in the interrogation of the Council is a huge benefit.

He said that if the interrogation process was orderly and tidy, it refers to al-Maliki accused platform and turn the questioning to the dock and this in itself a victory and a national political majority of the oppressed Iraqi people. (As he put it)

He concluded that Osama Mohammad Najafi was defeated Nuri al-Maliki before the upcoming bout (interrogation), and won it on points in the first round, he should continue his fight.