100 of imams and preachers pulpit and clerics calling for the appointment of Nadim al-Minister of the Interior

BAGHDAD (Iba) .. Said about 100 clerics and imams and preachers platforms Government and Parliament need to speed up end the political crisis and resolve the file security ministries, demanding to entrusting the leadership of the inner bag in the former Alliance Nadim al.

This came at a conference they held on Friday evening in the capital Baghdad and attended by the independent press (Iba) and attended by many of the imams of mosques and personalities Aldnip.

Sheikh Haidar al-Tamimi head of the Preparatory Committee in a statement (Iba) said the conference came out with (6) recommendations will be submitted through the Committee to the three presidencies in order to view them and work on what is useful from them.

He explained that the recommendations included the appointment of Dr. Nadim al-minister of the interior as a person to be the admissibility of the political parties before an independent now.

. He noted that the other recommendations included a call for political blocs to re-direct Alihurat door to end the crisis and work to build a state on the basis of sound away from the partisan and sectarian quotas.

It was a group of tribal elders and tribal leaders may Ndmoa last week called for a tribal conference to install Mr. Saadoun al-Dulaimi as interior minister and the selection of Dr. Nadim al-Minister of the Interior. (End)