Walid al-Hilli: We started the stage of the reform and the hard work and passed the crisis : 2012-07-20 15:02:00

BAGHDAD (Iba) .. The leader of the State of Law Coalition MP Walid al-Hilli: We started working files of the reform which will include all the issues raised in the meetings in Baghdad and Erbil, Dohuk, Najaf and the rest of the problems and obstacles that stand in the service of the citizen.

He added ornaments in a speech at his weekly briefing at his office in Hilla: We passed the crisis of confidence and we must stand firm against corruption and the corrupt.

He continued that the intention of the work task, and we suffer with ADHD who are intent to provide services to citizens, while waving the banners serve the citizens in each subject and the meeting falsely.

Turning ornaments in the seminar to what has been discussed in the House and particularly the law of the infrastructure that deals with support to build thousands of schools, and the role of the poor, and the development of health, files and many other, saying that the minister on Vajina saying he had not seen the bill only two days ago! At a time when the entire Iraqi people heard about this law and the lack of legislation in the previous session of the Council of Representatives, and reduce the amount of this law, from 70 billion to 37 billion dollars to support the implementation of infrastructure projects on credit.

He noted that the lack of cooperation hinders the work of other ministries and disrupts the wheel of development in Iraq, it's time now to work together for the advancement of the difficult tasks that await completion. (End)