A parliamentary committee: Complete draft laws governing the management of the security file
Posted 19/07/2012 10:52 AM

BAGHDAD - "squares of liberation" was completed for the security and defense committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives ten draft laws, concerning the management of the security file will be approved in parliament sessions to come, as part of the requirements of the paper the reform adopted by the National Alliance, which leads the government, according to committee member deputy state Alqnon Abbas al-Bayati "It is the most important laws, civil defense, and the Ministries of Defense and Interior, and the two intelligence and national security, and a ban on carrying weapons and equipment silenced, and we have the ten projects are ready to read the first and second and then vote," explaining that "the projects of those laws set out in the paper of the National Alliance reform."

MP Abbas al-Bayati

And management of the security file in Iraq is one of the most contentious issues between the parties participating in the government, due to the absence of legislation governing the ministries and security services. said al-Bayati, to demand judicial organs enactment of a law banning the outlawed Baath party, "for security and defense committee completed a draft law that called for by the judicial organs will be subject to read the first and second. "
The Committees legal and accountability, justice and reconciliation has balked at a single article in a draft law banning the Baath related to finding appropriate legal formula to deal with ex-affiliates.