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Intensive meetings next week before meeting Talabani expanded

Najafi: reforms will be presented to Parliament Baghdad - Alaa al-Tai - Omar Abdel-Latif, revealed at a time when the National Alliance for intensive meetings will be held next week, Kurdish sources said that the President will call for a meeting immediately after his return from an extended trip therapeutic.

The Search House Speaker Osama Najafi in his office yesterday with U.S. Vice President Advisor Tony Pellnkn subject of political reforms, where Najafi said the need for a real reform for the development of the political situation in Iraq, accompanied by legal safeguards through legislation Act in the House required the political parties and the authorities of political reforms. and knowledge "Centre Brief for the Iraqi Media Network" last week, said the paper will be to reform the national vote in the event of Parliament agreed to become due implementation, as the source revealed about the possibility of early parliamentary vote on the reform paper to become a working paper, citing that he was voting on a number of political decisions during the past and present, especially in the session first for the current session, stressing at the same time that the orientation of the vote on the paper in the parliament is healthy and even people to know what is included and who seek to reform and the party that works to disrupt the the democratic process.

Nujaifi said, according to a statement received "morning," a copy of it: "We have to put a time limit for reforms so that the political parties to give positive signals to the people on the issue of reforms." For his part, Adviser to the Deputy President spoke to the American elections and the importance of file completion of the formation of the Electoral Commission, where he stressed the need to involve Najafi components especially the Turkmen and Christians in the composition of the Electoral Commission and the provincial elections law will find a way to approve soon.

The U.S. side stressed that the United States stands on one level of all political parties and strongly supports the democratic transition in Iraq. and the National Alliance to continue his meetings with leaders of political blocs in a move to develop a common view and a paper accepted repair by the main parties in the political process of starting a project to reform and building a civil state. and political sources revealed for "Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network," a tendency to invite the President to the political parties to a round table event of his return to Baghdad to emphasize the dialogue and the National Conference. and well-informed sources told the "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," the most important developments and the political movement and the leaders' meetings, where sources said that the National Alliance will hold intensive meetings last week.

The sources revealed the existence of disagreement and some of the problems within the National Alliance on some items and paper reforms, particularly the issue of the mandate of the three presidencies. said that "the reform paper was completed, but it needs some finishing touches," asserting that the National Alliance with the political blocs agreed that the reform project alternative interrogation, because the clusters that alluded to by the files or do not have to condemn the violations of the Prime Minister. "declared leader of the National Alliance, said the paper prepared by the mass of reform include 70 items will be implemented in stages, according to the guarantees, as the MP said Shirwan Waeli for "Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network": that "the National Alliance seeks to gain the consent of the partners in the political process, particularly the Kurdistan Alliance and the Iraqi List to be completed or is the reform project. " The leader of the Kurdistan Alliance, Mahmoud Othman said in a statement to "Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network," that "President Jalal Talabani, was still insisting on dialogue." Osman said: He (Talabani) continue its efforts to bring the parties to discuss the points of contention to find solutions and agreements to emerge from the crisis. in turn, said a member of a coalition of state law, Abbas al-Bayati, that the National Alliance began to implement his reform agenda through meetings with the rest of the blocks parliamentary elections. He said al-Bayati's "Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network," said Chairman of the Reform Committee, Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari had recently received a number of representatives of the main blocs and briefed them on the reform project, confirming the presence of an initial response good of those blocks, although it still has some concerns, anxiety and questions about certain topics.

Al-Bayati said that "the reform project started to move the only option available," asserting the existence of three options, the first work on the success of the reform project through national dialogue, which begins bilaterally, and expanding, while the second option is to keep the crisis and disintegration of our country's capacity drains and lead him to the paralysis, while the third option is to go to early elections to re- production painting parliamentary and political map, considering that the last option is one of the best solutions and maintained by the National Alliance. the center of this picture, the House of Representatives announced the decision of Muhammad Al-Khalidi said there was no time limit so far for questioning the President's Minister to the Presidency of the Council for the purpose of deciding it.

said Khalidi's "Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network": that "the Iraqi List, and despite the belief in the importance of the reform process and abuse with any practical solutions that could lead to it, but it project did not stop the interrogation, noting that there are new files still being reviewed by the committee in charge of it, which will necessarily lead to a delay in applying the interrogation.