Presidency of the Kurdistan region: Maliki's speech at Police College, shows his intentions and his plans for the militarization of Iraqi society.
Posted 18/07/2012 08:20 AM

Arbil - "squares of liberation" from Dilshad Abdul Rahman
Criticized the Presidency of the Kurdistan region of statements made ​​by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in the graduation ceremony for officers of the police academy in Baghdad Monday. spokesman presidency of the region Omid morning in a statement issued Wednesday that "al-Maliki surprised everybody constantly showing other aspects of his intentions and his plans for the militarization of Iraqi society and support options violence as a means to reach political ends, "adding that" the consequences that may result from such practices would be very dangerous to live and the future of democracy in the country. "

The morning that "al-Maliki vowed in his speech at a graduation ceremony for officers of the sixtieth session of the Faculty of Iraqi police from the north to the south, filled with expressions of beatings, threats and violence, as if the country free from the courts and legal institutions."

The morning that "the presidency of the region have already declared its position to its partners about what threatens the political process and showed concern over the behavior of al-Maliki Altferdih," and warned al-Maliki of "these practices, which dissipates all the gains achieved and wipe out the hopes of Iraqis aspiring to build a country free from the ideas of violence and vocabulary such as beatings, however, of iron. "