Maliki reveals the excesses of resources the Kurdistan Regional Government
Ali Abdullah - 18/07/2012 AD - 11:58 AM | Hits: 464

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for information about the excesses of the Kurdistan Regional Government in terms of contracts for Army arming the region and the opening of consulates and the incursion of the Peshmerga forces in the disputed areas.

Al-Maliki said during a television interview that "the region beyond the Iraqi constitution several times, where the agreement of the European countries to buy tanks and missiles," the land of the land "signatures forged to the central government as the European countries addressed the prime minister about the health of signatures and surprised signatures because we did not sign the so official letters .

And between al-Maliki said the province exceeded also open consulates in the region is under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and without the knowledge of the federal government and this violates the provisions of the constitution, and the Peshmerga entered Iraqi territory and gained control of 16 administrative units within the province of Nineveh, and this is contrary to what was agreed upon.

He added that the continued smuggling of oil from the region via Turkey is one of the biggest abuses of Iraqi sovereignty and the central government's response would be to deduct the value of oil exported from the budget for the County.