Economic Commission: the government does not know the size and amounts frozen in places of international banks .. And retrieval needs to be a high diplomatic effort
On: Wednesday 18/7/2012 6:15
Baghdad (news) .. The head of the Economic Commission for MP / coalition in Iraq / Ahmad al-Alwani, inability of the federal government to know the size of Iraqi funds frozen in international banks and places of its existence, and called for diplomacy to form a committee to negotiate with international bodies to recover those amounts.

He said al-Alwani (of the Agency news): The federal government does not have sufficient information of the amounts actually frozen in international banks and places of their existence there is no precise calculations determine the final figure of Iraqi funds, mostly because the secret accounts went with the former regime.

He added that the process of recovery of that money needs to be diplomatic effort exceptional work by the government according to the foundations of scientific thought to how to negotiate with international bodies in order to return the money of Iraq, noting that some international reports indicate that the volume of funds is very large and from which to boost the national economy in case retrieval.

He pointed out: that the accumulation of Iraq's debt and increase its value over time and tied the country to item VII all of which made Iraq is able to retrieve his money, he assumed from the debtor countries of Iraq to take into account the conditions in Iraq through put out of debt but this will not get far.

The Committee emphasized the parliamentary Finance, earlier in the recovery of Iraq's assets in international banks face a lot of difficulties and needs further study. / Finished