Talabani and Maliki agree to uphold the Constitution
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Thread: Talabani and Maliki agree to uphold the Constitution

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    Talabani and Maliki agree to uphold the Constitution


    Talabani and Maliki agree to uphold the Constitution

    BAGHDAD - Alaa al-Tai - Omar Abdel-Latif

    Told a political source "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," said President Jalal Talabani and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki agreed to work together with the blocks to solve dilemmas according to the dialogue and uphold the Constitution.

    The source, who asked not to be named: "The telephone call conducted by Maliki and Talabani to check on the validity of the latter, during which they emphasized the importance of dialogue and leave differences and work to provide services to citizens." He did not mention the source when to hold the connection, but he stressed that a bilateral meeting held by President of the Republic and Ministers upon the return of the first to the land home.

    President Talabani, who is in Germany to recuperate after undergoing successful surgery, had confirmed the confidence to resolve the outstanding issues in Iraq. In the meantime, research head of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Deputy Prime Minister the leader of the Kurdistan Alliance, Rose Nuri Shaways outstanding issues between political parties.

    The Information Office of the President of the Alliance in a press statement that "al-Jaafari met with Shaways yesterday, During the meeting, trading in outstanding issues between political parties, and discuss the problems that floated on the surface of the political process, and the search for ways of finding solutions to them starting from the base of the Constitution and the dependence on democratic mechanisms.

    "It was al-Jaafari had received yesterday the head of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Salman Jumaili and Minister of Finance leadership in the list Rafie al-Issawi. It is said that the leader of the National Alliance Shirwan Waili announced for the" Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network ", said the paper reform prepared by mass contains 70 items will be implemented in stages, according to the guarantees, noting that "the National Alliance seeks to gain the consent of the partners in the political process, particularly the Kurdistan Alliance and the Iraqi List to complete the picture or the reform project.

    For its part, promised an MP for the coalition of state law Huda carpets and paper reform " comprehensive "as it included the points that govern the relationship between central government and the provincial government and of the relationship between the provinces and the Government Center. For his part, said Hassoun Fatlawi National Alliance MP," The Reform Committee plans to make way for the government and parliament to perform their duties to the people.

    and yielded a meeting between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and President of the House of Representatives last Friday Osama Najafi, an agreement to seek approval of important laws that serve the Iraqi people. Fatlawi and predicted that "the claim of the Negotiations Committee during the next couple of days fruits of efforts and meetings that are conducted with the leaders of the blocs."


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