National Alliance: resolve file security ministries soon

On: Wednesday 18/7/2012 2:01

Baghdad / term
Deputy in Parliament that the National Alliance decided to resolve the security ministries as soon as possible, while the student Kirkuk's Arabs attribution of the defense portfolio to figure an Arab from the province.
and MP for mass citizen Qasim al-Araji, for The National Alliance has decided to resolve the file security ministries as soon as possible . He told the Baghdad International news yesterday: "The National Alliance, listed among the reformist paper and a special clause provides for the resolution of file security ministries through mutual understanding with other blocs to reach consensus and substantial."

He added: "The Commission Coalition reform will meet with the Iraqi List, within the next few days and ask them to provide new candidates for the post of defense minister."
He continued: "The alliance is open with all the blocks, especially in this matter which concerns according to the components it's share of Iraq so we are with the resolution of this file but we need a new nominations for the assumption by the bag. " He attributed the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on 16 March 2011, reasons for the delay in presenting the names of candidates of the security ministries to the lack of political consensus on the names put forward, questioning to happen compatibility, while he stressed that in the absence of compatibility will succumb subject to the voting quorum required .
and a bag of Defense and one of the outstanding problems and chronic diseases among the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi, and the National Alliance in general and the rule of law in particular, considering that the Iraqi position of its share under the Convention on Arbil, which led to the formation of the government, while you see actors in the coalition as the share of Arab year.