Tuesday July 17, 2012

Ali Gabr political crisis, the last taking place between the central government and Kurdistan on the way to resolve

BAGHDAD - and babysit -between a member of the National Alliance for the State of Law MP Ali Jabr said the last political crisis taking place between the Government Center and Kurdistan on the way to resolve it in the final stages. "Jabr said in a statement to the news agency public opinion (and babysit): "The reform paper presented by the National Alliance contributed similar free resource Bhlhalh large differences between the parties and brought the views between them."
Adding that the last period has seen the escalation of rhetoric between the convulsive all parties, especially by the Kurdistan Alliance after being accused of obstructing dialogue and reject the vote on the law of oil and gas because the latter after the failure of his project to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister had gone to the charge. "
He said MP Ali Jaber said: "Turkey's entry into on-line entry political rather than economic might needed it because Turkey wants destabilized the situation in Iraq and trying to deteriorate in any way after the failure of its project, which was adopted with Saudi Arabia to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki, so I went to flirt with the Kurds after the foe for the purchase of oil and this is contrary to the Constitution. "
Likely enter the outskirts of a Kurdish president Jalal Talabani to resolve all outstanding issues between the parties, especially the share of re-Kurdistan. "