Spokesman for the presidency of the region: al-Maliki advocated the principle of spreading violence

Published on Tue, July 17 / 2012 19:14

BAGHDAD / However: I take it, spokesman for the presidency of the region Iomid morning, Tuesday, that the statements of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to let the principle of spreading violence, noting that this last breach of the many Khroqath to the Constitution, according to a statement issued by the presidency of the region.
The statement quoted this morning as saying that "what they are talking by the Prime Minister an explicit call to spread the violence and the adoption of the exercise of his options, and this other breach of Khroqath large to the Constitution, therefore, call upon the forces of democracy and our politicians and the various segments, especially the intellectuals in the country and invite them to be alert what is happening and support the process of building the democratic process through their opposition to these ideas and practices and not to allow the country returns again to the darkness of dictatorship, abhorrent. "
He warned this morning, "al-Maliki of these practices that dissipate all the gains achieved and wipe out the hopes of Iraqis aspiring to build a country free from the ideas of violence and vocabulary such as beatings with an iron hand or stand up against trying to provoke political crises."
Between the morning and that "no day goes by without surprise when Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to show other aspects of his intentions and his plans for the militarization of Iraqi society and support options violence as a means to reach political ends.
This is what touched him in his speech on Monday 16/7/2012 at a graduation ceremony of the sixtieth session for officers of the Police College, as promised by the Iraqis from the north to the south, using phrases filled with beatings and violence and threats, as if the country free from the courts and legal institutions. "

The morning that "already we announced our position to our partners about what threatens the political process and we have shown Khchitna of the behavior of the Prime Minister Altferdih and we said that the country and the democratic process face a real risk in light of practices provides little by only of his purposes and intentions of the authoritarian to the exclusion and marginalization of others, and that is what al-Maliki on Yesterday in his speech no longer be room for doubt that he has become more and more Iogl in practices contrary to the most basic democratic values ​​and principles of partnership, and the implications of such practices would be very dangerous to live and the future of democracy in the country. "