Why Barzani said to Tariq al-Hashemi??

Palm - There are many rumors and many are the lies that are marketed today in Iraq inflamed political between the parties, especially in light of the recent crisis that occurred in Iraq and the deep differences everyone threatens the whole and the files and not-air missiles, or pieces of military tanks and negative sentences from the army.
But the great irony is that there are those who threaten and there on the ground thing and there are those who say and provides evidence, although this application does not rise to the level of put all the talk of irregularities and here we find that the substance of the threat of files launched by Kurdish regional president Massoud Barzani and uttered literally charged issues of terrorism, Tariq al-Hashimi and received on the tongue and in his letter, which circulated in the media's comments on the back of the Syrian ambassador in Baghdad, an offshoot of the Syrian government.The letter (but refer to a statement issued by the brother Mr. Massoud Barzani, a few months ago when a response to accusations of him of when they host Hashemi it according to his claim but harbors a deadly Shiite, replied Mr. Masood that he who kills a Shiite is you and those around you and when I met him later I asked him that was serious in his statement, he means what he says assured me that he has conclusive evidence on this and will announce in due course ...).Any evidence and any appropriate time, Mr. President, the eternal for the region if you actually have, even if one file to put forward to the media and without hesitation, I do not think you and your entourage's newspaper-term and other possessed is that you have put so far, but these bubbles media tries to Tariq al-Hashimi to pay for itself Public criminal even playing with the world and Iraqi public opinion so as Barzani wants to draw attention from the problems caused by the crisis between the province and the central government from oil contracts to the border and in the region to deal with the rest of the world as an independent to a major catastrophe oil smuggling to neighboring countries.Therefore, when Maliki says that he has irregularities, the constitutional government of the province he means what he says and that is claimed to cut off part of the budget of the province of Kurdistan, for what has been smuggled out of the oil and then he has to compensate for the budget returning to the people of Kurdistan, the poor who Slcht them the money to the pockets of brokers smuggling and whales tanks Almtserblh to the border, hence the accusation of killing people and a high level without evidence, but it is heresies empty do not have the reality on the ground, it is fighting in Turkey, laments his luck and looking for a way out and a way which fell into it and the second wants to maneuver with the Government of the Center for gains more because he has known for beginning of the political process and to raise the demands on the higher demands got what he wanted, but this time onwards will not find in front of the parliament and not the Constitution and the outside that you will not get anything but scream.