Ankara rejects the request of Baghdad to cancel a contract to import oil from Kurdistan
Published on Tue, July 17 / يوليو ten thirty-four a.m. 2012 | posted by: Rasan | | | Hits: 28

BAGHDAD / However: the Turkish government has refused to request the Iraqi government to stop importing crude oil from the Kurdistan region, describing the contract Baleghanona.
Was considered the Turkish government the contract between them and the Kurdistan Regional Government to import oil from the region, legally, and newspaper Hurriyet Daily News for a Turkish official high-level that: "Ankara is the contract between them and Erbil, to import crude oil legally," he "refused Baghdad stop the import. "
The Turkish official, that "Turkey will begin the process of importing oil from the region if there is a problem in the contract and legality."
The Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz said in a news conference on Friday that "Turkey began to import between five and ten trucks per day of crude from Kurdistan Region, and the quantities may increase to between one hundred and two hundred trucks a day."
Called upon the Iraqi central government in Baghdad and in the words of the spokesman of Haali Skinner, "the Turkish government to stop importing oil from Kurdistan."
Dabbagh said in a statement issued last Sunday, "The export of oil from Kurdistan to Turkey, illegal and illegitimate as the oil and gas is the property of all Iraqis and must be exported and directed its resources to the federal government that represents all Iraqis, accusing Turkey as it contributes to the called smuggling of Iraqi oil, according to the statement. (finished)