A source well-informed about Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki ordered to stop foreign transfers to the dollar, stressing that he summoned the Governor of the Central Bank and a number of heads of special committees to discuss the issue of remittances outside the country.

The source, who declined to be named for “the future of Iraq,” Maliki said the Tax Department to review all the files and priorities for the investigation of fraudulent financial transactions and suspicious.

This development comes in the light of the report published by the “Future of Iraq” in the earlier reports and documented information on the operations of money laundering aimed at millions of dollars out of the country are supervised by senior government officials.

May be a distress call that launched the “Future of Iraq” yesterday to protect the national economy of the futility of abusers who visit the import documentation, which is “manifest of origin, certificate of origin, the bill, a document shall pay the tax” subject to ratification by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of the importing country of it, may This appeal is not final, as the “Future of Iraq” has the documents proving the involvement of dealers have a monopoly on the dollar and buy it at an agreed price with seven local banks and sell it 40 points behind.

In effect it has received the “Future of Iraq” a barrage of threats received via mobile phone messages and telephone calls are also aimed at preventing it from broadcasting and detection of those files to the concerned authorities and public opinion.

The open-door policy and the freedom of foreign exchange catalyst on the smuggling of currency, according to one expert economists.

And Article III provides that the term “foreign exchange” means any currency or check or Svenjh “policy” or money or support of the order “bill of exchange” or ordered to pay or credit or any credit or account balance or instrument “support” or any other means of payment other than be payable in a currency other Iraqi.

The Finance Committee of the House of Representatives has placed controls and laws and instructed the central bank to apply to the offices of foreign transfers of money to turn them every 50 thousand dollars, U.S. out of Iraq.

Previously, the Audit Court that issued a report confirming that the operations of foreign exchange is not according to the law or the instructions, and the smallest of the five only one percent of transactions are conducted in a legal way, as the government accused the central bank responsible for the smuggling of amounts estimated at 180 billion dinars over the past years due to poor procedures control on the movement of funds.