«Iraq» preparing to take a unified position on the reform paper on the eve of the dialogues which
Author: Cairo - conscious 1 - 07/16/2012 09:21:48

Leadership in the «Middle East»: The positions are still conflicting

Affirmed the decision of the Iraqi parliament and leader of the Iraqi List, Muhammad Al-Khalidi that «positions both within the Iraqi List, or the other blocks are still conflicting about the process of withdrawal of confidence or questioning of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, or about the Reform Committee set up by the National Alliance». He said Khalidi, who belongs to a block «Iraqi», led by Speaker of Parliament, Osama Najafi, within the Iraqi List, told «Middle East» that «the (Iraqi) such other political blocs have a clear position from the political process, and based on the importance of fundamental reform, but not through the formation of the committees or rotate the crises and problems, or rolled over, but to start proceedings and serious process », pointing out that« the positions that seemed to others like a contradiction within the (Iraqi), which was considered like a split within them, but rather expresses the essence of one, but the methods and variations », adding that« all the political blocs now adopt the proposals of different degrees of this issue or that ».

Khalidi explained: «For this reason, in order to exit a uniform position on important issues currently on the table, such as the issue of withdrawal of confidence or questioning or discussion paper of reform, the (Iraqi) decided to meet and define its position clearly from these issues». In response to a question on any positions can be adopted; Is reform paper or interrogation? Said Khalidi: «In all cases the dialogue is required, and we Sntaty with reform paper in a positive, without being at the expense of our positions other, including the questioning, because this case does not belong to us, but we have partners, and I can say that the alliance Arbil - Najaf is still provides no confidence and interrogations, regardless of the position of the reform paper, which sometimes seems like a kind of barter, which is not true ».

The positions of the political blocs has varied strongly over the last two weeks of the Reform Committee, formed by the National Alliance, which ended up 70 items specific to each operation of the state and its institutions, which will begin to discuss it with the other blocks. At the time insisted the State of Law coalition, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, that the Commission on the reform completed file interrogation and the withdrawal of confidence, especially after the decline of the Sadrists on the mechanism for questioning in Parliament, the position expressed by the Iraqi National List led by Iyad Allawi and the Kurdish Alliance seemed like trying to grab the stick from the middle, between continuing in the process of questioning in parliament and deal with the reform paper.

In the same context, came the new position of the Sadrist movement and the goal to prepare a draft law in order to determine the mandate of the three presidencies in Iraq, which he called a coalition of state law and as a personal target of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. He informed the member of parliament from the Sadrist movement, Odai Awad, «Middle East», that «the bill of the mandate of the three presidencies does not target a particular person or block specific, as it is a project that seeks to build the Iraqi state in the future on solid foundations effectively block the emergence of any form of forms of dictatorship in the country that has not yet learned the proper democratic traditions ».

And on whether the Sadrists have submitted the bill to the Presidency, Parliament, Awad said that «the bill has not yet submitted to Parliament, but it will within a few days where he was completing all the things related to it». At the time denied the leader of the coalition of state law and the Dawa Party, Khalid al-Asadi told «Middle East» that «the National Alliance will send a delegation to Kurdistan Region to discuss the reform paper», he stressed that «the talks will start already with all the political blocs during the This week has been set up teams to negotiate with it ».

In the context of dialogues with the start of the blocks, research head of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, with the head of the Kurdistan Alliance bloc in the Iraqi parliament, Fuad Masum, political developments. A statement from Jaafari's office said that «the head of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari was received in his office in Baghdad, the head of the Kurdistan Alliance, Fuad Masum, have been discussed in political developments». He added that «During the meeting, stressed the need to widen all the Iraqi political blocs and open the door to dialogue with them to discuss issues and points raised between the political parties in the papers that emerged from the previous meetings in order to address them and to find appropriate solutions, according to the base of the Constitution».