Oil and Gas announces the formation of parliamentary committees to resolve outstanding problems between Baghdad and Erbil, with respect to oil : Sulaimaniya, July 15 (Rn) – A member of the Commission on oil and gas in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, on Sunday, the formation of two committees to resolve outstanding problems between the KRG and the federal government in this context, noting that the two Tdman in Edoitema Minister and stakeholders in oil and gas in the Arbil and Baghdad.

According to Bayazid Hassan, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn), that “the KRG and the federal government had set up two committees to resolve outstanding problems between them with respect to the field of oil and gas, Tdman in Edoitema Minister and the concerned authorities in Erbil and Baghdad,” pointing out that “according to an official letter and part of the Ministry of wealth natural territorial Government to the Federal Ministry of Oil and Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, Hussain al-Shahristani, the total production of oil from Kurdistan over the past year amounted to 187 thousand barrels of oil a day. “

Hassan added that “the wealth of Kurdish shown in her book that 95 thousand barrels of oil from the total production over the past year have been exported to the outside through the tube connecting between the rights of Kirkuk and the Turkish port of Ceyhan, and was allocated 53 thousand barrels from the oil refineries in the region, while still the fate of 39 thousand barrels of total oil production region of the unknown, where an estimated one billion and 500 million U.S. dollars. “

He added by saying that “al-Shahristani called on the Federal Ministry of Finance to deduct the amount of $ 8.5 billion share of the Kurdistan region in the country’s general budget for the current year due to non-delivery of the territory quota of oil in the budget of the Federal Government.”

A spokesman for al-Shahristani, Faisal Abdullah has stated (Rn), announced yesterday that the last official books sent to the Ministry of Finance invites them to cut the damage by the non-delivery of the Kurdistan region quota of oil in the general budget of the Federal Government.

The region has stopped its oil exports beginning of April / April this year to protest non-payment of dues Baghdad to foreign companies operating in the oil sector has.

And has the KRG oil reserves of 45 billion barrels and embarked Government of the Territory after 2003 put the oil fields to foreign investment, and Baghdad says that decades the region’s oil with foreign companies are illegal, while the government says the region that Baghdad pay up to $ 1.5 billion as receivables for oil companies produced in Kurdistan, while Baghdad agreed to pay nearly $ 560 million only.