Tariq War: Why the hesitation and delay in the implementation of the strategic framework agreement with the United States
Monday, July 16, 2012 12:06

[Baghdad - where]

Said the legal expert Tareq Harb's visit to the Central Command commander Gen. James Mattis, Iraq must give rise to direct a real serious steps to implement the strategic framework for the relationship of friendship and cooperation between Iraq and America.

The war, according to a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, that this agreement consisting of 11 sections, which were by this name [of friendship and cooperation] According to the states and ratified by Law No. 52 of 2008 passed by the House of Representatives and approved by the U.S. President in accordance with of his constitutional authority, which dealt with all aspects of diplomatic, political, defense and security, cultural, economic, energy, health and the environment, technology and communications are not accompanied by effective action effective and visible for implementation so that what has been achieved over the past 4 years was modest and a little bit not equal to the obligations imposed on America's Iraq under the Convention is not equivalent to the name that has taken him This Convention is the friendship between the two countries and provide aid to Iraq.

He hoped to review the mechanics of implementation so as to ensure implementation of this Convention as contained in the Convention, particularly as a source of international law implementation / he said /. Ended