Kurdistan: did not receive a paper before the reforms of the National Alliance and seriously questioning implementation
[11:11] 12/Jul/16

Erbil, July 16 (PNA) - Male MP from Kurdistan Alliance, Muhammad Qasim, Monday, the alliance has yet to receive a paper of the reforms by the National Alliance, questioned as an MP for the same mass Ashwaq Dry seriously the political blocs in the implementation of reforms on the ground.
Mohammed said in a statement that "the communication between the political forces is broken once and for all and the Kurdistan Alliance is linked to a strong relationship with the parties, regardless of differences," noting that "the alliance has not resolved his command to the paper of reform that will put the National Alliance only after access to their contents, especially since it did not we receive so far. "
Mohammed said that "Having reviewed the paper reforms will announce the Kurdish position clearly and in front of everyone," denying "the fall of the paper questioning (questioning of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki) because it is a list of what it is in accordance with constitutional options."
For its part, said that the dry "for the Reform Committee formed by the National Alliance must put all the problems that beset the political process, but the lack of confidence between the blocks, which occurred because of failure to implement previous agreements have be no doubt that the implementation of reforms."
The dry that "the lack of response to the letter of state law and Najaf, Arbil, the second led to a distrust of the political blocs that can repair the path that the political process," stressing that the previous agreements remained "a dead letter."
She noted that the "paper reforms, the task regardless of the response of the political blocs to that paper or not," she wondered, "Is this the paper will see the light on the ground?", Stating that "there complained of many political blocs that paper reforms will be implemented and it is just an attempt to gain time. "
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