House of Representatives postponed its meeting to Tuesday of next week
Published on Monday, July 16 / 9:12 يوليو 2012 | posted by: Rasan | | | Hits: 19

BAGHDAD / However: I decided the presidency of the House of Representatives, to postpone today's meeting, to Tuesday of next week, according to a media source in the parliament.
The source said in a press statement that "the Presidency of the Council of Representatives decided today to postpone its seventh of the first legislative term of the Year-third Legislature, to Tuesday From next week, "noting that" today will be allocated for meetings of parliamentary committees. "
and was supposed to vote in the parliament today on three bills and a resolution on the inability to resolve the problem of electricity by the Ministry.
and ended the House of Representatives at its meeting held on Tuesday, the second reading of draft laws, with the Presidency of the Parliament decided to set up a special committee of members of the Commission on Human Rights to investigate the issue of torture, "Saddam Batawi." (finished)