Member of the Parliamentary Committee on Security: Some of the names of the leaders of the teams that have reached us do not deserve this position

Wed, July 14 / ي2012 16:26

BAGHDAD / However: According to a member of the Commission on Security and Defence parliamentary governor Zamili that some of the names of the leaders of the teams that have reached us by the Office of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces do not deserve to be Ttsenm these positions.

He said Zamili in an interview with the correspondent of news agency the future on Saturday, "that the names of team leaders and some of the security services of high-level, particularly the Army Chief of Staff and his staff, arrived at the Commission on Security and Defence representative, noting that the Committee is in the process studied carefully to resolve the names and voted on during the sessions of the House of Representatives ".

He Zamili any information is considered by the Committee related to the names provided to them for positions security as information about their work and information accountability and justice as well as information other security, noting that there are some of the information discovered by the Commission concerning a number of names submitted to it confirm that it does not fit to be in any position of security being as important and carries with it many meanings and challenges facing the country now.

Paragraph V (c) of the constitutional article (61) that the House approve the appointments of: Army Chief of Staff, his assistants, who are the rank of division commander and above, and intelligence chief, on a proposal from the Council of Ministers.