Maliki: repair teams will be launched this week to continue with the other blocs on the reform paper
Date: Tue 07/14/2012 14:29

MP for the coalition of state law, Abdul Salam al-Maliki said a committee of political reform beginning of the week set a date for the start of the current teams to communicate with the rest of the political partners. Maliki said in a statement received / WAP / copy of it on Saturday that the paper of political reform adopted by the National Alliance and made ​​it a paper binding on all parties to the problem of the alliance will be the last resort to get out of the political crisis and that in the event of failure are caught, the solution constitution and early elections will be the measure later. He added: "The National Alliance believes in freedom and democracy, dialogue and debate in accordance with the Constitution and the national interest has been the embodiment of these principles in the paper of political reform. He continued: "The political reforms lies not with the party or political bloc itself, but for everyone to participate and take responsibility for the success of reforms and reform program fee and understanding between the National Alliance and other political partners.