Alfalh: National Alliance will present a paper on the reform of the political blocs separately
07.15.2012 14:38:42

BAGHDAD (Iba) ... MP for the coalition of state law on the determination of the National Alliance Alfalh presentation and paper on the reform partners in the political process separately, pointing out that it is scheduled to host the head of the National Alliance, Ibrahim Jaafari, the leaders of political blocs in the coming days.

He said Alfalh told the independent press (Iba) will be displayed and reform paper on partners in the political process separately, and will discuss the meeting, which will call him al-Jaafari points the 70 included in the paper the reforms that have been prepared by a committee negotiator with partners and the overall political process. "

He added that the paper Alfalh that have been prepared and professional paper will not be directed against any of the parties and by all partners will participate in the political process and the final paper will be followed out in preparation for a national meeting.

For the meeting Jaafari blocs of political said Alfalh that meeting the head of the coalition leaders is an appeal of the dialogues with the political blocs, which indicates to the orientation of the calm after the failure of attempts to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister, "noting that" the meeting will address the exchange of notes between the Parties and the legislative and executive authorities and all partners in the the state and talk about the irregularities committed by any party, and correct the path of the political process as a whole. (End)