Deputy: Most jobs are launched by the government military and militarization of society is moving towards
On: Sun 07/15/2012 14:03

BAGHDAD - A citizen called MP for the Liberal bloc Khaled Djiashi the government to reconsider the grades assigned to the ministries of defense and interior. he said in a statement to all of Iraq that "most of the jobs launched by the government is the military, and that society is moving towards militarization and the results realized from the security file, and violations that occur are not commensurate with the size of military forces on the ground. " He Djiashi "The government should release the large amount of allocation of grades to civilian positions for the purpose of giving an opportunity for graduates to get jobs to eliminate unemployment." and stressed that "there will be a word in the House on this subject because we have already warned us against the government. " and added 40 thousand degrees and careers of the ministries within the supplementary budget, and sources said the government plans to give 70 percent of these degrees to the ministries of interior and defense, which drew criticism specialists. A member of the Finance Committee Magda nice, it is assumed to include these grades did not include the previous budget and the private owners of the contracts who are still without a degree of functional, such as the Ministry of Electricity which there are fourteen thousand and 500 contract for this wish of the Council of Ministers the allocation of grades to the ministries that did not take its share in the 400 thousand degrees, and must that grades are not limited to the ministries of interior and defense only, and we believe that these two ministries have also taken enough grades. "