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Baghdad / Joseph Muhammadawi

Has been Embassies major countries to find common ground inside Iraq after the process of change that took place in it, whether those states post or not post the change that took place, you will find, for example France, which opposed and rejected military action, led by America in Iraq, is seeking hard and great effort which to work and the various contributions,

Followed suit several countries and this comes to realize all of these countries and its belief in the importance of Iraq as a country economically and culturally luxurious and culturally.

United States of America the leader of the world and change that happened in Iraq, concluded with the Iraqi government agreements long-term, inter alia, with regard to the military side after the withdrawal process that occurred in the atheist and the thirtieth of December last year, as well as other conventions, non-military, there are other conventions related to the economic, social, educational, cultural, and because of the two sides of social and cultural importance of the private lives of communities, open the "long" field investigation in these aspects to understand the mode of exchange and take advantage of the nature of the exchange of knowledge prescribed by the agreement of strategic cooperation between the United States and Iraq.

Various activities and important

Sheryl Harris assist official Cultural Office at the U.S. Embassy - Public Relations Department, confirmed to the extent that the U.S. Embassy in Iraq and through its Office of Cultural Affairs has adopted a number of important programs, called the project of cultural exchange, and that by sending the number of Iraqis to the United States, to participate in various activities with our service and we see the Iraqi people and American people.

Harris hopes after the restoration of the security situation in Iraq to attend a U.S. citizen to Iraq, to ​​take advantage through access to cultural heritage is important to this country in the world.

This has made it clear Harris for start receiving applications for two programs within the cultural exchange programs between Iraq and the United States are: Fulbright Scholarship, and the program Humphrey to teach foreign language in the Fulbright Program which began in the first of June, in the Fellowship Program Harvard in the United States of America.

The Harris that what the U.S. Embassy of the variety of cultural programs and within programs of study as a Fulbright graduate falls within the framework of the strategic cooperation between the United States and Iraq, noting that continue to send 500 Iraqis per year to the United States and the various programs that include exchanges cultural, the sender has reached the number since 2003 to the present day nearly 4,500 Iraqis.

Teaching Arabic and English

Said Harris: There are several programs made sure the embassy to apply, including, but not limited to English-language programs, a short program will help Arabic-speaking going to the United States to learn English there, as well as contribute to teaching Arabic to students the Americans, and noted Harris to the programs, although it is small but it must be deep and meaningful, and the financing of these programs, Harris said, "it is fully funded by the Government of the United States within the framework of the exchange of strategic cooperation between Iraq and the United States of America, showed that the goal of these programs is the definition of the world American culture, and cultural exchange programs between Iraq and the United States would allow both peoples to understand each other, expressing her pleasure that the particular U.S. embassy in Iraq, the bulk of these programs that will build a very good relationship between Iraq and the United States of America.

Art, music and sports

Among the activities that we make are also in the office - says Harris - specialized care cultural activities in art, music, sports, and provide all things to foster success, was attended by many Iraqis in those activities and acknowledged success and take advantage of all the programs that were held.

At the level of educational cooperation and education between the two countries showed Harris, said there is an effort the efforts of high to create a kind of Allahak and communication between educational institutions of Iraq and the U.S., or the so-called twinning between universities, and this is what is in the interests of both countries at the level of education.

The requirements for the success that Allahak Harris says: The work focuses on faculty members from university professors, and sent to U.S. universities for the curricula and teaching methods in accordance with modern mechanisms.

Knowledge sharing in education

And stresses Harris: The important aspect in this work is to send Iraqi students to American universities, where it is Maisthm with students of American universities, and introduce them to the level of development in education, and given an idea of ​​how to get the career check ambition, and what are the fields of scientific and literary mission in the world, This is what contributes to the development of their careers after graduation.

Harris pointed out that the projects undertaken by the Cultural Office is is the process of the draft agreement and strategic supplementing them, one of the priorities of the embassy and its staff for the concern of President and the Bureau of Cultural.

Pointing out that the U.S. Embassy and although it does not have a cultural center known or declaring the media, but it is practically over and the biggest acts of cultural centers by the other embassies, because - and as you say Harris - the embassy's programs work directly with Iraqi artists, as well as with students, and contribute to the intensification of cultural programs for children, confirming that the rate of cooperation the U.S. - Iraq by the U.S. Embassy is the largest proportion of cultural cooperation at the global level played by any other embassy.

International Visitors in the U.S. media

And on the cooperation of the Cultural Office in finding common channels between the media institutions of U.S. and Iraqi media, says Harris: Actually we do not have twinning programs with Iraqi media organizations, as happens in the educational field, but the choice of many Iraqi journalists were sent to America to meet with their counterparts from American journalists , we work with all satellite TV and news agency and newspapers, for example, we have a program called the International Visitor, and the program is applied to several times a year, and by selecting Iraqi journalists from different institutions, and admitted in specialized courses in the press only in America, in order to inform them of the media work in American institutions, and broadcast operations and methods of publishing and all the vocabulary and techniques of modern media and developed according to the technological advances happening, as well as send news to cover the U.S. elections, to learn how to cover and how they are handled by the U.S. media, is an example of the many examples, which places Our office is on the journalistic work, and in July the special importance it deserves as a platform Iraqi important, Harris said, and stressed that all these activities is to promote cultural dialogue between the two countries and the consolidation of cultural discourse between them and all tributaries beneficial and profound.

Maintenance of museums and monuments

And the work of the office and its contribution to the recovery of Iraqi antiquities that were looted, as well as the Archive Jew who has been moved from Iraq to America by its military forces, praised Harris on the importance of the question but pointed to the existence of a colleague in the office can answer that because it is a specialized effects and cultural heritage of Iraq, Unfortunately we did not find because they are too busy working now with the Iraqi museums in the important issue is to safeguard Iraqi antiquities in various museums and the effects of Iraqi provinces.

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Religions and culture of dialogue

The Shammari was surprised and the Iraqi delegation with reception cold brothers Arabs in some Arab countries, where the dacoits [as if we came occupation, and these feelings are clear to everyone, whether our brothers the year in the delegation or we Shiites or the brothers of Christ represented by Father Martin, and the perception of these Arabs says Sheikh Haidar that we were remiss in protecting the country, and some are preparing Saddam as a symbol of heroism and redemption, and calling him a martyr, and we told them that anyone in the world is not pleased that occupy his country, but Saddam Bjbroch and tyranny closed all the doors of the change in the face of the Iraqis and tasted various kinds of injustice and persecution, as well as in the wars of reckless follies.

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No government of random choices

And the reasons behind this misconception that Mtat Sheikh confirms the absence of these programs that emphasize the important and useful dialogue and deep understanding of the views of others, and standardization of Islamic discourse by offering insights and ideas.

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Bachelor of Engineering and the philosophy of theology

Father Martin is the pastor Uganda Hormuz David, pastor of a church in Baghdad, and a Bachelor of Civil Engineering, as well as Bachelor of philosophy to theology, working within the specialists as a sponsor of the church and the architect contributes to the building of churches, is the other was of the participants in this program, she met long for being a member of the visiting delegation to explain to her about the nationalities participating in the program and their work, where he says that the prevailing character is for those interested in religious issues, some of them Kuwait, Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Mauritania, and other countries except Saudi Arabia and Iran and the UAE.

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Religions strange strange

Shows the priest that he as well as the existence of religions big as Christianity, Islam and Judaism in America, there are religions wonderful exotic such as religion of love, the religion of the merciful, Dean Rose, and other religions what was revealed to God by the Sultan, but with plentiful, says pastor there wide latitude for the exercise of ritual that religions and rituals, Valastvadh is in understanding the nature of coexistence and Maheat those communities and how their ability to reject intolerance and discrimination.

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