A member of the Kurdistan Alliance Mohsen Saadoun that one of the requests of the political blocs opposed to the political approach of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is the management of the security ministries by proxy.

. Sadoun said the newspaper's "integrity of electronic" today that he can not accept the security ministries to remain vacant and managed by Mr. Maliki, acting directly and this applies to ministries and agents who are not voting for them in Parliament as well as military leaders who are not voting on them.

He explained that this includes the military leaders who are not voting on them and this constitutional violation because the Constitution explicitly Pmadth the 61 and sacrificed grades must be approved by the members of parliament.

The coalition of state law, had confirmed that the paper reforms developed by the National Alliance does not include the Convention on the Arbil only, but in which all differences accumulated since 2003 to this moment in the Iraqi political scene, said an MP for the Alliance that the paper reforms stomach will discuss all the problems that have occurred since 2003, according to the moment see the coalition to solve these problems with the political blocs in the country