Confirmed the MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Ashwaq dry on Saturday that the question of the resignation of the President if there is not an evasion of the political crisis, pointing out that the validity of this view is justified.

. The dry newspaper's "integrity of electronic" There is a fierce campaign targeting President Jalal Talabani and unfair of false accusations, adding that the Kurdistan Alliance rejects the targeting of a person being the President of the Republic a national figure and protector of the Constitution throughout these past years.

. She dry, "said Talabani was neutral between the spectra of the Iraqi people was not biased to any class at the expense of the other but with all the unfortunate lack of understanding in some quarters for his positions Sometimes they accuse of siding with the Kurds and again to the political parties, indicating that" the issue of isolation from the political is not an escape from the current political crisis because the problem needs the cooperation of everyone