Vice: The Central is not serious measures to improve the dinar exchange rate
07.12.2012 0:00

The future of Iraq / Bushra Al Shammari student member of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary Aziz Sharif Mayahi Central Bank of Iraq to take real action to reduce the height is not reasonable at the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar.
said Mayahi in a statement it had received "the future of Iraq," a copy of it yesterday that the Central Bank of Iraq "is not serious in the procedures carried out by the curb height is unreasonable rate of the dinar against the dollar and that we prepare routine procedures is feasible and can be accessed through the real solutions. "
and added that the Central Bank of Iraq, "the demands of today to take practical action and fast through the accounting and follow-up banks that have been delegated drainage is more accurate, replacement and removal of some influential people in the Central Bank who are manipulating the exchange rate. "
He continued: "The brokers market are manipulating the price of the dollar in the market without any accountability," calling on the central bank to "refrain from statements sterile and move in a more realistic through the deliberate action and concrete on the ground