Leader of the Supreme Council: We agree with the Sadrists and the Iraqi List and the Kurds in the non-renewal of the owners
12:16:12 / 07/2012
Nuri al-Maliki - Prime Minister

Khandan - in light of apparent inconsistencies in the positions of the blocks on how to deal with the reform paper published by the National Alliance, the paper does not carry the same according to the opinion of the leader of the Islamic Supreme Council Fri Atwani «unified vision within the components of the National Alliance».

And said Atwani told the newspaper «Middle East» that «the Committee set up by the coalition for the purpose of development and reform paper re-sheet tab according to the priorities and issues that are applicable up to the issues that can say that it is difficult to apply or not directly related to the National Alliance».

He pointed out that «the priorities are as follows: There are the demands of rapid application such as baggage security and team leaders and military and security services, and there are issues that need time to be applied, such as Article 140 and the oil and gas law, and there are demands need to be legislation and laws which the validity of the Parliament such as the Federal Supreme Court and the law of parties and the balance and other ».

He revealed that he Atwani «in spite of the fact that a lot of things do not match the vision of the Sadrists and the Supreme Council with the vision of a state law, there are some demands of the Iraqi List, are not applicable, such as the abolition of the law of accountability and justice».

In response to a question about whether this part of the agreements Erbil, said Atwani «This is true, and it signed an agreement Erbil (in reference to al-Maliki) is responsible for it», pointing out that «Maliki is now seeking to alleviate the law through a of actions that seem acceptable, such as the return of some former army officers and other procedures ».

The Atwani that «the paper prepared by the Alliance can be acceptable to the Kurd in some respects, but they may not receive acceptance of himself at the Iraqi, and, if achieved, and deal with them positively, the Kurds, of course, will be in the interest Maliki».

He Atwani that «one of the things that can reassure partners this time and having a party guarantor of the application of the Supreme Council and the Sadr movement», revealing that «there is an important issue we share where we are and the Sadr movement with the (Iraqi) and the Kurdistan Alliance, a non-renewal for a third term for Prime Minister ».

For his part, Iraqi member of parliament on the mass of the solution within the Iraqi List, measured Cdhir, told «Middle East», that «the position of its mass (solution) in Iraq does not match fully with the position of the Iraqi List, where we do not see mind an of dealing positively with the paper reform while maintaining our demands and the need to meet them but through constructive dialogue ». He Cdhir «We have a vision and the demands will include it in the reform paper in case of a common vision on them, and most important of balance and the security services and the security file as a whole».

In turn, confirmed member of the Iraqi parliament on the mass of the Kurdistan Alliance Ala Talabani, told «Middle East», that «the situation in the Kurdistan Alliance has not been decided, after and therefore can not talk about the official positions, but in general it is interest that we are dealing with the reform paper if presented to us and see what is new about it and then decide our position on them in a standardized format ».