Thursday July 12, 2012
Falh: next week will hold meetings with leaders of political blocs to brief them on the substance of the reform paper

BAGHDAD - and babysit -A member of the National Alliance for the state of law that the National Alliance Falh completed an important stage in the process of political reform.He said Falh told (radio public opinion): "The steps for conducting political reform taken by the National Alliance's mission has been to discuss all outstanding issues in the meetings of the Committee on Reform." Adding that next week will hold meetings with leaders of political blocs in the house Chairman of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari. "
He Falh "will be at these meetings informed the leaders of political blocs on the substance of reform, which will be the target of years away from the politicization within the three institutions of legislative, executive and judiciary." Adding that these reforms will not be addressed with a party and against a particular party and the National Alliance charge interest national class basis. "
Indicating that a political reform is the only way out of what ails the political process of crisis, either insist on aggravating the situation and talk about the no-confidence will lead to more crises. "